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Harry Potter Memory Trunk

I originally saw the Harry Potter Memory Trunk project on the crafster website (here's the link to the original, which is NOT of my making!!!! One Saturday night at school, my friend Shannon and I were bored (our three other friensd had gone home for the weekend). I mentioned the memory trunk and how cool it was, so we decided to pool our minimal craft supplies and make out own trunks. I really do like the original, the only difference is mine is made more with supplies you'd have a better chance of finding lying around the house. I don't have a tutorial, but I do have photos and will explain step by step how to make your own (or you can make one like the original if you so desire).

First, here is an overall shot of the inside of my trunk:

I used an old tissue box for this. I took paper and covered up the hole in the top of the box and painted over it. The shelves do a pretty good job of hiding the paper, along with the fact that I painted over it. To cut the door in the trunk, I just used and x-acto knife, and it was pretty easy. I then painted the entire outside and inside of the box black and put mod podge over the outside to make it look nice and shiny. For the shelves, I took an old cardboard box and cut out three shelves. I hot glued them into the box. My friend made the middle shelf shorter and the bottom one taller to fit the broomstick, but I found a way to make mine work without doing that.

I found out and about one day those old school cardboard pencil boxes. I found them at Goodwill, but you might be able to find them at craft supply stores or office supply stores. They're pretty cheap, and are perfect. The best part is you don't even have to cut a door in them, that's already taken care of for you.

Now on to the actual decorations in the trunk. This part was a little more difficult, as everything is so small, and you may have to get creative.

The first shelf has Hedwig in a cage, a pixie pygmy puff, a copy of the Quibbler, a Gryffindor scarf, Harry's Invisibility Cloak and some ink and a quill.

This was by far the most difficult thing to make on this shelf.
1. Take some clay and press it into a somewhat thick, round disc (about 1/3 of an inch thick and a little over half an inch in diameter). You can paint it whatever color you want, I went with a dark greyish.
2. For Hedwig, you can either use two white pom poms, one big and one small, and hot glue them together or make your own pom pom with white yarn. Just wrap the yarn around your two fingers until you have enough and tie a piece of string around the middle once you have enough. Then cut the loops and fluff it. To make the smaller pom pom, just wrap the yarn around one finger and repeat the same process. I definitely like this better, it looks a little fuller in my opinion.
3. To give Hedwig life, I used green glitter glue for her eyes so they sparkled, but regular green puffy paint should work (I fact checked, her eyes really are green, but you can change it if you want). I then cut two VERY small triangles to make her beak. Once again, I used some hot glue to give Hedwig her beak.
4. Now this will take some patience. You're going to need some pipe cleaners cute into thirds. Measure the height by curving them over the clay disc to see how high it is. Once you have the desired length, cut off as much of the fuzze as possible off the pipe cleaners. Whatever you aren't able to cut off, you're going to have to pull out with your hands. Like I said, this is pretty difficult and time consuming. Make sure you have a piece of paper or something to put all the fuzz on so you don't make a mess. You can also use wire if you have some, I didn't, so I had to get creative here.
5. Put Hedwig on the disc.
6. Stick one end of the wire along the edge of the disc and curve it over so the other end is stuck in the opposite end of the disc. Repeat this for the other wires until you have built your cage. Put a drop of glue by each wire to keep them in place. I then wrapped another wire around the middle to look more like a bird cage.

Pixie Pygmy Puff
1. Remember how you made the pom poms for Hedwig? Well, you're going to repeat the same process. Only this time you're going to use one strand of really fuzzy yarn and wrap a piece of thread around the middle. That's it!

I'm going to go over how to make all the "paper products" at once at the end

Gryffindor Scarf
1. Take a piece of gold ribbon and cut it to your desired length.
2. Carefully paint red stripes on it. You can use puffy paint or fabric paint if you have any. I just used regular acrylic paint.
3. Fold it carefully, gluing the ribbon down so it stays folded properly.
4. You don't have to fold it, my friend had hers hanging in her trunk, whatever works for you.

Invisibility Cloak
1. Cut a piece of black fabric to the size you want the cloak to be. Like the scarf, it can be folded or hanging up somewhere
2. Coat the fabric with glue, either using a paintbrush or your finger.
3. Sprinkle with silver glitter.
4. You can either fold it, gluing down the edges so it doesn't come unfolded or hang it up somewhere in the trunk if you want.

Quill and Ink Well
1. Take a black bead. It doesn't have to have cool edges like the one I picked, whatever catches your fancy
2. This is where I got REALLY creative, I pulled a feather out of my feather pillow and pulled out the fluff on the end so it was just fluffy on the top.
3. Put a drop of glue in the center of the bead and insert the feather. It's that easy.

Alright, time for the second shelf.

This shelf has Harry's wand, the Marauder's Map, the prophecy from the Order of the Phoenix, a bottle of Felix Felices from Half Blood Prince, the Half Blood Prince's Potions book, a Galleon, Sickle and Knut (it's really hard to see, I know, but they're there right in front of the potions book) and a cauldron.

Harry's Wand
1. I took a really small leaf and pulled off the stem and cut off the most narrow part. Voila, you have a wand!

Quibbler/Marauder's Map/Potions Book
1. Print out the image you want of each item
2. Glue them to either card stock or an index card
3. Cut out the paper so it can be folded in half and propped up
4. Put them where you please in the trunk

Prophecy/Felix Felices
1. Pick two round beads of the sizes of your choice
2. Paint the prophecy grey and the Felix Felices a goldish yellow. I found the easiest way to do this was to string the bead on a piece of thread, pour a little bit of the paint on a paper plate and roll the bead in the paint.
3. While the paint is still wet, roll each bead in their respective glitter matching the colors they are painted
4. Glue a brown or black seed bead to the top of the Felix Felices bead to serve as a cork

Galleon, Sickle and Knut
1. This is one of the easiest things to make. For a galleon use a large gold sequin, for a sickle a medium silver sequin and a knut use a small brown sequin. You can do a pile of money if you want or just one of each. My friend put hers in the cauldron so you could see them better.

1. Take a small amount of clay and roll it into a ball about half an inch in diameter
2. Press your fingers to the middle to create the center of the cauldron
3. Paint black

The third and final shelf.

Sorry about the poor quality of the photo, I couldn't get a nice one to come out properly, my apologies. This shelf has the all important Golden Snitch, Harry's beloved broom and the broomstick servicing kit Hermione gave him for Christmas one year.

Golden Snitch
1. Pick a round bead of the size of your choice
2. Like the prophecy and the Felix Felices, string the bead through a length of thread and roll it in some gold paint
3. Once again, I turned to my beloved feather pillow and grabbed two more feathers. Put a drop of glue inside the now dry Golden Snitch and put the end of a feather in each side

Firebolt Broomstick
1. Take a chopstick and cut it to the length you want the handle to be and paint it brown.
2. I went outside and gathered up a bunch of leaves (in the dark, alone, on a Saturday night, I must have looked like a loser!). Cut the stems to the lengths you want them to be (they don't all have to be the same length)
3. Gather the stems around one end of the chopstick and glue them down. Wrap another stem around them and glue that down as well.
4. Take a piece of wire and twist it around the handle to create a footrest
I'll be honest, I struggled making this, so my friend ended up doing most of it, I had already burnt myself a few times with the hot glue gun, so I didn't trust myself to make something like complicated

Broomstick Servicing Kit
1. You know those tiny little Nerds candy boxes you get for Halloween? Yeah, they're the perfect size for this. Paint one a brownish color
2. Free hand the label on and decorate as you please
3. I tied a small piece of red embroidery floss into a bow and glued it to the corner to make it look like a Christmas present.

The inside of the door

These are just the photos I wanted on the inside of the door. I'm still missing one of Harry, Ron and Hermione in the epilogue of Deathly Hallows and one of Harry's children, I didn't have those photos available to me when I originally made this trunk. These are just what I put on the inside of the trunk, but you can put whatever you want there:
-Dumbledore's Army sign up list
-The original Order of the Phoenix
-James and Lily Potter holding a baby Harry
-Holyhead Harpies logo (that's the team Ginny played for after graduating Hogwarts before becoming a Quidditch correspondent for the Daily Prophet)
-Photo of Harry, Ron and Hermione (this one is from the Prisoner of Azkaban)
-Photo of Ginny (of course)
-Chuddley Cannons logo (Harry's favorite team)

For the outside of the trunk, I just put the Hogwarts logo and glue some string there so it could be tied closed.

I also glued everything inside (like I said, I made this at school, so it had to be transported home eventually, and I didn't want anything to fall/break/get lost). You don't have to glue everything in, it's your choice. Enjoy!!

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