Thursday, May 26, 2011

False Advertising?

As I have done during my breaks in the past, I decided to enroll in an online class over the summer. This summer I decided to take Introduction to Economics, a class I've been dreading to take, so I figured I can take it online and therefore I don't have to suffer through a semester of lectures and torturous homework assignments, makes sense, right?

Well, everything was all well and fine at first. I decided that I could move past the fact that there is no physical textbook, it is strictly online as well (I wasn't exactly thrilled with that, but I could manage). Then, I got the syllabus emailed to me and found that the exam is in Salisbury in a classroom. Ummm...that's not what an online class is supposed to be. So, I checked the course description to make sure I hadn't enrolled in a hybrid class my mistake (I hadn't) and to see if it was in the course description (it wasn't). Then, I emailed the professor to see if I was correct in reading this, which I unfortunately was.

Seeing as I work full time at a new job, I refused to take a day off of work to drive upwards of three hours in beach traffic to take an exam, so I had no choice to drop the class. My father had told me to wait to have my mom read my email (because as being a 20 year old who has been at college handling things independently for two years now, I certainly can't handle emailing the head of the economics department to complain obviously) and said to see if I can take the exam online. Well, I forgot that he said to see if I could take the exam online, and I emailed the head of the economics department and promptly dropped the class.

Oh, it's important to note that I could have taken the exam in September when I get back to school, but that would be two and a half months AFTER the class ends, and I don't have a physical textbook remember, and no actual lecture notes to study, and economics isn't my forte, so I would definitely do poorly.

So, I dropped the class, and didn't ask the professor if I can take the exam online, as I forgot to do so. Well, my parents were talking, and all of a sudden I'm a liar because I forgot that that's what my dad said.

I emailed my professor, but I already know what the professor is going to say. They'd have to write an exam especially for me to put online just for me to take on the class website, and why should someone get such special treatment? Will my parents listen to me though...of course not! Instead they say that I'm on my high horse and am too stubborn to even ask. Then they keep going on and on about how much the class costs and how they're losing money doing this. Trying to help and be responsible, I said I'd call first thing in the morning to make sure we got our money back, and they took that as "I'm not going to email the professor, instead I'm going to simply drop it completely and not even try" which isn't what I said at all.

My parents need to realize that I've been doing things my way all year, and it hasn't gotten me into trouble yet. I know what I'm doing and how to handle things, but since it's not what they want specifically, then it's obviously wrong. Not everyone has to do things their way, but they're stuck on their high horses and won't get down (which they accused me of in the first place).

Is it August yet?

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