Monday, June 4, 2012

Travel Preparations

I'd like to consider myself a somewhat well traveled person.  Thanks to the hard work of my parents, we would go on all sorts of really cool trips beyond like going to the beach for a few days over summer vacation.  These trips include Acadia National Park/Bar Harbor in Maine, Boston, Smokey Mountains in Tennessee, etc.  This year alone, I had the absolutely wonderful opportunity to go on two amazing trips for school.  First, I went to Indianapolis, Indiana for Kappa Delta Pi's Biannual National Convocation.  KDP is the national education honor society, so this was a wonderful opportunity for me to start preparing for my professional career (which will hopefully start in about a year).

The sunrise view of Indianapolis from out hotel room.

Group picture our last night in Indianapolis.
So, going to Indianapolis was completely unexpected and exciting, and I thought that it was going to be my last big adventure traipsing across America this academic year.  I was wrong, however, and I'm glad I was.  In March, I went to Ogden, Utah (about forty minutes away from Salt Lake City) to present my research "Henry VIII: the Religious Transformation of a Tyrant" at the National Conference for Undergraduate Research at Weber University.
Posing for a quick picture at Weber University.

Weber University

The Mormon Tabernacle
Utah was absolutely gorgeous, and the experience was amazing as well.  I was so glad I got to see my research presented for everyone else to see.  It was also reassuring that people thought the research I worked so hard on was good enough to be presented there.

Well, after going to Indianapolis in a whirlwind of excitement and some stress (packing tip: DON'T go to the movies the night before you leave on an important trip and get back at 10 PM without even packing, my roommate can tell you what this does to a isn't pretty), it's pretty hard to believe that I'm going on yet another trip that simply pales the first two.  I find myself preparing for a whole new type of adventure though.  In 10 days, I'm leaving for London for six weeks to study abroad.  This is a completely new type of trip, and it's pretty exciting and intimidating.  I'm going to study abroad at the University of Westminster.  Unlike the first two trips, this is for a significantly longer period of time, to a foreign country and I won't know anyone else doing with me.  That can be a little scary to think about, but I'm more focused on the adventures I'll be having.  I love to study English history, so I'll finally be able to see all the places I love to study.  I'll also be taking some wonderful weekend trips, and I'll be there right before the Olympics.

Don't forget to check back here to see what's going on as I prepare to go to London and all my adventures there.  I also have another blog, Caleb the Germ in London where you can follow not only what I'm doing in London but also Caleb, my best friend's cold germ stuffed animal thingy.  We're very excited to go, so make sure to watch what we're up to.  Also, you can sync your Facebook to my blogs (either one or both).  On the right side of this post (go ahead, take a peek), there's a sidebar that says "Networked Blogs."  Just click "Follow this Blog," and it'll sync up with your Facebook, you don't have to download the app or anything like that.

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